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Sai Teja Kaveti is the founder of Presentology Business Services, a Presentation and Marketing services firm that helps organizations reach new markets and communicate more effectively with customers using presentations and other marketing collateral.

Sai helps companies deliver messages with clarity in ways that move their audience to take action. He is a young energetic trainer, committed to a personal mission of empowering people to design and deliver effective presentations towards achieving their goals. He has been involved with various studies and research in Presentation and Business communication fields. Sai’s maximum interest has always been in Presentations and Marketing consulting, He worked as a Business Consultant in India and Dubai. He strongly believes in presentation as an effective tool to make or break the business.

As a trainer, consultant & coach, Sai closely works with C-Level executives, scientists, managers, sales professionals, healthcare professionals, and leaders in just about every industry, including information technology, biotech, finance, high tech, education and more in India and Dubai.

His tremendous energy and passion for presentations & Business communications makes him a valuable asset to any organization that deals with him.


Sai studied Computer Science and Engineering at JNTU. He is a Gold Medalist in his engineering and was one of the best 50 Best engineering students of Andhra Pradesh. Sai says that, for him, it was a natural progression to move from Computers to Marketing.

Besides his formal education, Sai also has a Masters Degree in Yoga from Tirupati. Sai is highly philosophical and has keen interest in the subject matters of Yoga, Spirituality, Astrology, Vedas and Upanishads.

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