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Develop a polished and persuasive delivery style

Custom made, one-to-one presentation coaching is swift, effective and confidential. You set the agenda, we provide the expertise. If you have to speak at a conference, address a group of shareholders, present your ideas to the board, speak at a seminar, or simply want to work on improving the way you present, presentation coaching could be the right solution for you.

Coaching methodology

The coaching process is designed to examine the candidate’s current method of compiling presentation content and support visuals and then, offer guidance on how to focus on the message more appropriately to meet presentation objectives.

Coaching is also offered on presentation delivery, eliminating weaknesses in the presenter’s delivery style, resulting in a more confident and convincing approach.

Practical coaching is undertaken on a one-on-one basis, including skills & practice exercises. The recording review process is utilized to assist in observation and feedback. Practical techniques are offered, resulting in immediate improvements in presentation style.

Who should attend?

Executive coaching can transform you into the speaker you want to be.

1. If you’ve struggled with presentations in the past, we’ll help you to surprise yourself by delivering the kind of performance you’re capable of – every time.
2. If you’re already a good presenter who wants to go “from good to great,” we’ll help you ramp up your “star power” and, help you become an in-demand speaker for conferences and keynotes.
3. Whether you are preparing for a major presentation/speech or a simple refresher on your skills, Executive Speaking coaching may be the aspect to opt for.

All Business Executives who require a confidential and one-on-one coaching mainly focused on polishing and refining their current Presentation Skills approach or required assistance with refining and delivering a specific presentation.

Time investment

The time required will be dependent upon the candidate’s needs.

The objectives of the one-on-one presentation coaching service are:

• To examine the candidate’s current style of presentation and identify specific areas for improvement.
• To eliminate any presentation delivery challenges, and work on strengths.
• To be properly trained so as to achieve desired goals.
• To provide guidance about the structure of the presentation content in a strategic manner.
• To give valuable inputs on the creation of effective PowerPoint visual design.

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